Dear Christian

I wanted to write to you to express my greatest thanks for the help you gave us with my little boy's eczema. I was looking back at some baby photos as he has now just turned one. I had forgotten that his skin had been red and spotty since birth really, and by the time I came to see you it had covered almost his entire body, many places having open and weeping areas. I had forgotten how it made him so itchy he couldn't sleep and how we couldn't go for a walk in the pram, or how anxious I was in the car wondering if he was scratching and opening the skin. When I came to see you I had been through a lot of other channels - paediatricians, GP's, all the creams on the shelves of the pharmacy, and the steroid creams. He had 3 episodes of infected skin on his face requiring antibiotics by the age of 5 months, and we seemed to be trapped in a cycle of cortisone, moisturising (at every nappy change), antibiotics and sleepless nights for all of us. I tried modifying my diet to eliminate anything that might be a trigger passed through my breast milk. We couldn't bath him, as the open areas would sting even with plain tepid water. I really didn't know what else to try and it was heart breaking watching him suffer and not feeling like I was doing anything that would make it go away. At best the combination of all of the above gave him temporary relief. I still feel fate brought me to see you - my friends gave me a voucher to see your wife for a massage at SOE Biotherapies, and when I mentioned my baby had eczema, she told me that was your specialty! You were so calm and caring, and we really felt how much you wanted to help us, but without false promises. You gave me practical advice and explained the process through which your cream would work, and were honest about the time frame. And it was all true! One of the best things was the creams was only used twice a day - previously we had been using pharmacy creams many times a day and it took hours away from time we had as a family - and he hated it. The cream you made was specific to his needs, changed with reviews over time, and we haven't had any antibiotics since using it. From 6 months we haven't had any more open skin, the previously open areas which were mottled purple in colour are now gone. Our little boy is now one - he is happy, healthy and has the most beautiful skin everywhere. It makes me sad to look back and remember that for months I couldn't kiss his cheeks, as the skin was always open. Now I can make up for lost time! Thank you is just not enough of a word to describe how grateful we are and I recommend you to whoever listens! Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Ronnie (a very happy mother)

Eczema Brielle

To whom it may concern !
Brielle was 2 when she first started to show signs of eczema. It was on her face, back, arms and legs. It was very itchy and irritating for her. The doctor prescribed her some cortisone cream which I didn’t like to use due to the side effects but she was so uncomfortable I had to help her, and it did help, she was not as itchy, but the eczema was still there her skin was rough. I would stop using the cortisone when her skin had settled down, but in less than a week her skin would be raw again. We went on and on like this for months.
Then we met Christian ! He examined Briell’s skin and knew exactly what to do. He made us some cream that we applied twice a day. The cream was beautiful and silky and smelt really nice, I felt good that it was all natural and I wasn’t applying nasty chemicals to her skin. After a few applications her skin had settled and she was comfortable. We continued applying the cream. At around the four week mark we went to see Christian again, I was so happy that her skin was clear, there was no eczema, there was some slight roughness on her arms so
we continued with another jar of cream just to be sure. Brielle is almost six now, her skin is beautiful and clear, there are no signs of eczema and there have been nor flare ups at all. When Ayla (my other daughter) developed eczema at 10 mths old, I didn’t hesitate, I went straight to Christian for some more miracle
cream. Ayla was a bit different she only had it on her knees, so when started applying the cream the eczema appeared on her elbows and chin. I wasn’t worried as I knew this could happen. Four weeks later and it is virtually gone. I am so happy with the results we have achieved thanks to Christian and his cream.
Thank you
Stephanie Rayner – Greenhill SA 5140

Eczema India

Dear Christian
We would just like to thank you very much for your wonderful help in clearing our daughter India's skin from eczema. We have recommended you to many people in similar situations who don't know who to turn to next. India started getting a red rash on the backs of her legs in approximately mid-May and then a few weeks later it spread quite quickly to all the other areas of her body. The worst affected areas were in the creases of her elbows, back of the legs and neck but it also covered her back and stomach and even the backs of her ears.
India was very uncomfortable and itchy and woke several times every night scratching and crying; the backs of her legs would bleed and weep from the scratching which was very distressing for us all, but we didn't want to use anything that would be a quick fix that would only push it back under the skin.
We were then recommended to you by a girl called Suzie who had been treated by you many years before. We booked an appointment that very day. You made India and me feel very comfortable and relaxed and put no time limit on the appointment. This immediately made me realize that you not only cared, but that your passion lies in helping people to heal; a very special gift. After assessing India's skin you made up a cream especially for her according to the severity of her condition, which we picked up the next day. Within a few days of using the cream we noticed a huge difference. Within one month there was only a slight irritation around the ears, neck and backs of legs and now three months on there is only a small patch on the back of one leg. Suffice to say India is a much happier child and we are so thrilled with the results.
Thank you so much
Julie and Stewart Gresswell
Phone: 0401823084

Psoriasis Brian

In July 2006, I made contact with Christian in regards to a severe case of eczema which had been ongoing for the past 30 years. It had recently flared up to the worst it had ever been and was terribly uncomfortable. I had previously seen Medical Specialists for treatment, however they all proved unsuccessful in my case. I then consulted Christian who recommended a course of specifically formulated lotion to be applied regularly. When the lotion was finished I re-visited Christian and he adjusted the formula accordingly. After using this course of natural treatment for 6 months, I am very happy to say the eczema is 95% gone. I am currently using the final lotion which will ensure that the eczema will never return. I wholeheartedly recommend Christian and his treatment for anybody with a skin problem.
Yours Sincerely
Brian J. Harrington

Eczema Isaak

My son developed rashes over his face, arms and legs when he was three weeks old. Nothing I tried made any difference to his skin, until I took him to Christian. Christian made a healing cream specifically for Izaak's condition and within a few days I noticed a significant improvement in his skin.
A few weeks later, Christian made another healing cream using a different formula, and Izaak’s skin continued to improve. Izaak is now 8 months old and his skin is healthy and clear of any blemishes. I have also witnessed amazing results from patients with various skin complaints whom I have referred on to Christian.
I can highly recommend Christian and his products to anyone with a skin complaint, or anyone who just wants to look after their face and body using beautiful, natural creams and lotions. My family and I continue to use and enjoy his quality skincare range daily.
Thank you Christian,
Tori Bartram

Eczema Frank

This is to verify that I, Frank Baldasso have been a client of Christian’s for a period of approximately 12 months. Approximately 3 years ago I developed an itchy skin that progressively became worse as time went on. Medical Professionals from different specialties could not diagnose the condition and even dermatologists were unable to help. During this time the itch and inflammation
became unbearable to the point that my skin would rupture and bleed. I was referred to Christian and now I am able to live a normal life again. The creams he made for my condition have been a godsend. Due to his skills, my skin has now returned to normal. I can highly recommend Christian to anyone who is seeking help with a skin condition.
Many thanks Christian
Frank Baldasso

Eczema Ellyanne

Finally I'm free from the itchy sore areas I had at the base of my hairline. Caused most likely through stress, it was a form of eczema which I had been suffering from for months and was finding impossible to get rid of. However after it became quite painful I mentioned it to Christian. He then made up his own cream for me to use 2-3 times a day which I have done and guess what? The eczema has cleared up and the pain and discomfort is gone. I am grateful and so thrilled to have come across Christian and his wife Simone at a home party promoting their company and products "SOE-BIOREMEDIES". I receive daily pleasure using the creams made by Christian, my favorite being the Face Cream for Dehydrated Skin which is just delicious. I adore the smell and just love applying it to my skin. I am slowly converting all my products to those made by Christian. My husband, who always suffered from an itchy scalp, has been using Christian’s shampoo and conditioner for sensitive skin and now his discomfort has ceased. Christian and Simone are a wonderful duo and all I can say is I am glad they chose South Australia as the place with which to share their magnificent talents.
Ellyanne Bradford, St. Peters, SA

Eczema Peter

Dear Christian
Happy New Year to you and your family
I am writing this email to you to say I can now look forward to 2010 without the discomfort and stress of my previous skin condition. As you know my wife brought me to your premises approximately 4 months ago having watched a
television program where you were interviewed regarding your treatment for eczema.I have had skin condition on my legs for at least 5 years. I have tried every cream and lotion on the market to try and relieve the symptoms. My skin was covered in scratch marks, i had lost all the hairs on my legs and in Summer time exposure to the sun left my skin blotchy and unsightly. The situation
had become so bad I was very irritable part of this was the frustration of itchy skin but also the lack of sleep. It was impacting on my family life, not only was I keeping my wife awake with the scratching throughout the night but sleep deprivation was making it difficult for me to cope during the day. I was would
have done anything to cure this condition, it had consumed my life. I must admit I agreed to come to see you reluctantly believing that what we would purchase might work for a while and give some temporary relief. The reality being I was afraid to believe that there was a cure for this skin condition. i had I believed
tried everything on the market without success and why would your product be any different. My wife remembers very well the visit and my hidden skepticism when you looked at my legs and told me that it might take 3 weeks but I must be disciplined and apply the cream twice daily. You also looked at me and
said remember the traffic lights, anything green is good for you, red must stop, you have a hot body temperature and if you do not drink lots of water to cool it down it will not be good for your health. We came away with my wife more positive than I was but so desperate, willing to give it a go. The itch ceased
within 2 days which was a first after many years and in complete contrast to anything i had used in the past. Having said that other products had given me temporary relief so I was still not convinced that this was a permanent remedy. How wrong could one be, I followed Christian's instructions to the letter and am
now fully cured of my skin condition. it is truly amazing, the only regret is that I did not know about the cream years ago.
My wife and I send our sincere thanks and appreciation for your commitment to your work. No doubt there will be others who will reap the rewards of your efforts. Please feel free to use this email as a testimonial for your product and your advise.
Kindest regards
Peter Korver